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General Assembly Leaders Can Become Heroes By Putting A Stop To The Divisiveness That Is Brewing In Our Communities! 

Our kids are watching us! Regardless of how anyone feels about Critical Race Theory (CRT), its tenets are explosively divisive and are tearing our communities apart. We are calling on our state lawmakers to reconsider a version of House Bill 6070. Click here to take action now!

In passing legislation that would effectively prohibit the teaching of divisive race- or gender-based guilt concepts at the state and local level, our elected officials would spare us from countless hours of public acrimony at future school committee meetings in town after town across Rhode Island.

Parents, teachers, and school board members fighting about what is being taught to our kids … and the disgraceful labeling and threats in public forums … must be stopped. 

Now is the time for concerned citizens to stand-up and ask our political leaders to take pre-emptive action. Can you take contact them today?